Fashion Week has finally returned, and there’s plenty of inspiration that we’re taking from it. This season’s Haute Couture Fashion Week was full of new surprises and the return of go-to favorites, blending timeless and bold styles. Swapping out tracksuit pants for flared trousers, gray sweatshirts for bright blues and yellows, and slippers for brogues, the street style was turned up to an 11 this year. From vivid pops of color to chunky platforms and eye-catching handbags, there is something here that is sure to excite you. It’s time to start dressing to the nines once again. We’ve curated eight top fashion trends from Haute Couture Fashion Week that you should definitely try!

1. Bleu de France

Add a touch of color to your everyday wardrobe with the classic Bleu de France. Although it is trending this season, the shade has been present since the 12th century. Thanks to its deep history, it makes for an incredible choice for your next brunch or shopping ensemble. On a warm summer day, combine the shade with whites and neutral hues – this will help the blue pop. If the temperature is starting to dip, swap out the lighter shades for gold or gray – they are complementary. Add a splash of citrus with a yellow handbag or pair of orange shoes – they are opposite on the color wheel, so they’ll create a striking look.

2. Chunky Loafers

Taking inspiration from Aldo Gucci from the 50s, loafers are back in a big way. These shoes are now trending with chunky and platform soles, which elevate your look in more ways than one. Pair them with your favorite jeans, trousers, or a mini skirt for a fresh and casual feel. You can find designs with sparkling embellishments, horsebit buckles, and a wide variety of textures and colors. For a timeless feel, opt for either black or brown footwear – it matches most outfits, so you can swap them out for various occasions and will keep you comfortable all day.

3. Green Accessories

From handbags in the bright shade to acrylic sunglasses to match your summer get-up, there are so many options that you can wear this season. When styling these items, you can wear an entirely monochrome look or brown, blue, or even white and gold shades – a pop of color has never hurt anyone! If you want to add a hint of vivacity to a neutral or muted look, you can’t go past a set of emerald green earrings or a necklace. Experiment and play around with this hue – it’s a lot of fun and will easily make any ensemble a bit more sophisticated.

How does Shein dominate the fashion industry?

The rise of Shein is to be applauded for its slow yet sure way of reaching out and grabbing our hearts. Usually, they send products to Instagram influencers with numerous f followers. These influencers then introduce the products to their audience who at first is expected to get hesitant about the legitimacy of the website.These influencers with their large audiences possess the power to assure the people of their legitimacy and this is when SHEIN started to become a household name, in recent times.

Also, we might browse through our feeds and notice how most of the ads are about Shein. The effort of Shein to establish their image on different platforms and sign different advertising companies to market their brand has been proven effective because of the rise of their number of customers.

I can still remember how the first time the brand was mentioned, it raised eyebrows because it is an unfamiliar one and the prices below it seem too good for the designs and quality, it promises. But with online resellers posting on different sites and friends joining the trend, I finally decided to take a second look at the brand. 

Eventually, Shein has gained the acceptance of people from all walks of life who wants to have the latest fashion trends while not damaging our bank accounts or our parents. Shein then represents the chance for us to upgrade our styles and choose freely at their website while not having an eye-sore because of the price. Shein destroyed the stereotype of good products having eye-sore prices for me!

What does customers say about Shein’s?

The constant raving of my friends about this brand caused a part of me to get curious about it. Because since we were asked to stay in the comforts of our home and online selling became a trend, Shein has been a household name that possess the image of being a reliable brand and a price-worthy purchase. However, not everyone is impressed with its quality.

Others give a fair review of Shein justifying its price because, for a low cost, Shein is quite a catch. Though, according to some, it does not offer long-lasting pieces. Despite the adverse feedbacks critics and customers have given to the brand, most of the customers continue to hype the brand up which according to them is like their “holy grail”. 

Shein, for some, answers the prayers of fashionistas who want to invest in different fashion pieces at a relatively low price. Because of Shein, the vision of an affordable fashion becomes possible and for this, the positive feedbacks continue to dominate over the

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